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Who we are

The Leadership Scholarship program was sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) during the Vietnam era. The program provided scholarships to more than four groups of top ranking students from Vietnam to come and study in the US during the years (1967-1970) and earlier. Many of them finished their training and returned home to work. They were supposed to bring back with them the technological know-how to help develop Vietnam... The rest of the story is still a debate as to how the war was lost or won, a war that left wounds so deep that have not healed after more than 30 years!). Many graduates came back and held important positions in the South Vietnamese government until the day Saigon fell (or liberated, depending who talks). A few of the students decided not to come home and sought residence in Canada, the US and Europe. Many of us have now settled in the US and all over the world. We call ourselves "USAID Leadership Students" for historical reasons.

This Web Site is an attempt to create a communication channel so that the former USAID Leadership Students and their friends can share with one another stories of their lives and renew their special bonds. This site is not a political portal and it will not allow politics to be published or discussed. We encourage building friendship even with those of different political viewpoints. We encourage work that can help heal the wounds and bring better life to all Vietnamese in our former homeland.


How to contact us:

For all contacts please e-mail to leadershipstudents@yahoo.com.  Copyrighted 1999-2005 www.leadershipstudents.org. Last updated 01/29/2010